Dec. 3, Prelude

Sag Sun Leo Moon

Dec. 3, Prelude

I’ve long lamented the loss of the El Paso show, something I did for over 20 years. Going on two decades, a little longer, I would hop a commuter flight to El Paso, first from Austin then from San Antonio, arrive, hang out, worked some in the neighboring Las Cruces, New Mexico, and then Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM to about 6:30 PM, and once or twice until near 8 PM, I would read charts, cards, mostly charts, and do one right after another.

The highest count was in the 30s, if memory serves, and it doesn’t. 35? Close to 40 one day?

This is from a time when I recorded the reading with a cassette tape — that’s a long ways back. I’ve charted that transition to all-digital and finally, to all-ephemeral, over the years.

Sag Sun Leo Moon It’s now — encouraged — possible to travel rather light, and that’s something I enjoy. Gone are the days of wrestling a carryon and a show bag, on and off planes, trains, and in the back of the truck.

El Paso is Mountain Time, an hour later than Central Texas. I used to wear just a wristwatch, and it was not self-adjusting, so it would show the 11 AM start time as Noon my time.

Last month, when the time shifted back to regular time, it was near the same.

I’ve gradually come to accept that I’m not traveling as much as I used to, between family and local business, and I’ve grown to adjust, in some ways.

I long lamented the lack of a replacement for El Paso, and here it is, right in my own backyard. Once, twice a month in San Antonio, simple, easy, and the price, yeah, sorry, I charge almost twice what I charged in El Paso, but that’s because — times being what they are — it’s a going rate.

With that time shift, it was like starting at noon, and finally, after a few years, it’s come full cycle.

While I don’t do the numerical volume of readings that I did in El Paso, or the old days in Austin, the rest of the numbers add up nicely.

This weekend in San Antonio, like the good, old days.

Dec. 3, Prelude

Nov. 5, the time change that prompted this reverie? Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon.

Dec. 2-3? Sag. Sun, Leo Moon.