Reservation Dogs v. 2

Reservation Dogs v. 2

Sideways, because, who like a narrative that goes in order? Remember the video sensation from a year or two back? Nathan Apodaca “vibing” to Fleetwood Mac, while drinking cranberry juice? He’s a supporting role. Seeing him on screen made me squeal.

There’s also respect that the production uses a mostly (according to show notes) Native American cast (and crew). I’m guessing the hills east of Tulsa — Oklahoma.

Looking up what I wrote about, maybe a year ago? I found that far more eloquent and a better summation, but the sophomore season is most excellent — maybe better.

“Magical realism,” think that’s the fancy, literary term. So much of the Southwestern Literature I grew up on is that kind of myth and reality remix.

Rhetorical? Is magical realism if it really happens?

color TV

color TV


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