Olga Dies Dreaming

Olga Dies Dreaming

Can’t even say who, or which algorithm, picked this one. Library copy. I miss real librarians with reading glasses, making book suggestions.

“There’s this myth that white Americans don’t have a culture, but they absolutely do, and New England is the cradle of it.” Page 77.

There is that. We (white people) don’t notice it because we are enclosed. Encased. Not really a bragging point.

Olga dies dreamingThe book was — the blurbs suggested the most anticipated novel of 2022. Because of my location, I understand, at least some, of the references to cultural heritage that is not white. In the book, it’s that Puerto Rican element.

Cross-cultural boundaries, cross, I don’t know, I have a purposefully limited knowledge of New York City and its associated environs, so I can’t say.

“I worry though I read there’s revolution every day”

(Last line from Robert Earl Keen’s Mariano, originally off his “West Textures” Album.)

Current fiction reflects current events, and good fiction holds up a mirror, to see what we don’t see, otherwise. Wrapped in a modern love story?

Preaching with preaching, family, heritage, the American Dream, and politics.

Rather over-reaching in its scope, and possible goals, and yet? In my mind, thoroughly successful. Fun to read. Bonus points on style.

Olga Dies Dreaming

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