Mercury’s Retrograde


Mercury’s Retrograde

MercRX I make a very serious effort to meditate each morning. Got a 20-minute timer set up for that. Afternoons, as well, but that often resembles a short nap and if the “afternoon meditation” is good, I will just set the timer for a half an hour, hoping I don’t drool or snore.

”I heard you meditating.”

Suppose that should have a snicker after it. At least a loud eye roll.

“I heard that.”

Mercury’s Retrograde

The very nature of Mercury in Retrograde, despite fearful warnings? There’s a nothing to be afraid of, it’s useful time, if harnessed. One point I’ve suggested, over and over, is we move away from fear and more towards productive output.

It can happen.

There’s are couple of easy guidelines I favor, like keeping an actual pencil and paper handy for ideas.

Then, too, bedside because in that starry, dream-like state between waking and sleep, or in that mediative state, some afternoons, the ideas occur. Brilliant, wondrous, answers to a myriad of questions.

Happened this morning, only, I didn’t write it down. Gone.

I can blame Mercury’s deshabille conditions, but realistically? If it was that good?

Should at least write it down.

Mercury’s Retrograde

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