A rare find


A rare find (draft)

4 (four) vintage Samsonite briefcases. This is a package deal, local Austin pick-up only.

Here’s what we got, two slim-line briefcases, one is still in the original factory plastic! These are regular Samsonite briefcases, like truly vintage — from a bygone era.

Perfect props pieces for stage or screen!

This is a package deal, too, as there are also two regular-sized briefcases, five inch wide. Hard-side, deluxe.

One of them? Comes in the ORIGINAL cardboard box. If I hadn’t opened it? Might have been factory sealed still, although, no plastic wrapper, so it wasn’t really “factory fresh,” and besides?

Family history suggests are from before the late 80’s, but I’ve not been able to independently verify the exact age of of the genuine Samsonite briefcases, with minor online sleuthing putting these at late 70s styles.

Each briefcase has a set of keys, and without looking again, still in the factory envelope.

These have been essentially untouched in at least 30 years, might be even older than that, as I can’t find an easy way to date the products. No documentation, but the suggestion stands that the one is in its original box, and the other has been wrapped in plastic, at least three decades.

On eBay? Looked like $25 each was the average price, while comparable on etsy seemed priced around $60 and up.

A rare find

4 (four) vintage Samsonite briefcases. This is a package deal, local Austin pick-up only.

Here’s the deal: I’m not shipping these. I’m not packing, shipping, or doing any other kind of a deal, all four briefcases, $100 or better offer. Cash only, Windsor Park area.

I’m not making a dime out of this deal, I’m just helping family move some products out of the closet and on down that road. I was just taken by the quality, the almost new wrapping, and how there are four (4), nearly identical.

I want to call them, “like new,” but with the apparent age, really, not quite that good, but there is — family lore — “like new.” Sort of?

A rare find

Serious offers only, cash only, email for details. Not texts, please. No sales outside the Austin City Limits.

Mercury is, indeed retrograde, which makes it a perfect time for resale, and even better for reuse.

“Man, this is just what I needed! With a spare!”

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