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Kramer Wetzel

    Astrological Prognostication

Grammatically challenged author of and subsidiary works, accidental astrologer, Shakespeare aficionado. Fishing Guide to the Stars.

Books are available at Nature’s Treasures.

Born and raised in a little town in East Texas, attending schools in Texas and New Mexico, with college and university degrees earned in Arizona, Kramer Wetzel considers himself a typical Sagittarius. He is an ordained minister, Honorary Doctorate, Certified Psychic, and with an eye for the absurd, sharpened in a trailer park in South Austin — before trailer parks in South Austin were cool — his primary love is the the Western-styled horoscope.

From global travel to a love of Shakespeare’s canon, to bass fishing around Austin, and bay fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast, Bubba said it best, “Kramer is a Zen Koan wrapped in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals.” Sometimes, Kramer thinks he was Shakespeare in a past life.

Personal consultations available via the website. Prefer in person? Usually he’s at Natrue’s Treasures on alternate Tuesdays …

Available: Most Afternoons, E-mail for Appt.


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Kramer Wetzel

    Astrological Prognostication

With the philosophy that humankind is humorous right to its core, Kramer dispenses a deep-fried, homespun wisdom that pokes fun at our foibles and embraces our common sense.

“The biggest problem with astrology is astrologers,” Kramer says. “Too many of the practitioners of this interpretive art form are serious. Way too serious.”

The Science of Astrology involves the exact and precise calculation of the location of the planets as they describe their orbits through the heavens. The Art of Astrology involves taking the precise nature of the Science and putting its influence into words that anyone can understand.

Kramer’s Astrological writings have been in print, in one form or another, for over twenty years. On the Lake of Life, the Fishing Guide to the Stars is a popular method for navigating the murky depth of the human soul. Coming from Texas, he imparts a degree of humor often times missed by other practitioners of this ancient art of prognostication.

Kramer Wetzel – Astrology Chart & Tarot Reading with Good Humor. Available: Most Afternoons, E-mail for Appt. Website: