April 4

April 4

In American numbering? 4/04, or even the way Europeans reverse the month and date? 4.04?

Trying to stretch that into a 404?

Not really working, but I did try.

“404: File not found.” 404

That’s old school, man.

April 4

I am unsure of the destination. I am unsure of the source. Not even sure I know what I’m discussing, but what I recall? Two licks.

Thinking through the two licks, the first occurred second, but it was about having won the lottery, born in North America in the 21st Century.

Think it was on local radio, if that is even still a thing.

“But I heard in the alley on the weird radio…”

April 4

“404: File not found.” 404

I got inventive when I was in out of El Paso and Las Cruces, and kept seeing the Highway 404 sign. One would expect it to be in Roswell, NM?

Just don’t get out that way much, not anymore.

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