Various Archetypes

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The current blog motor lets me insert a decent footer, and the one that is currently running is a fragment of image, just some clouds I liked. Took the picture with a phone camera, out the window of a Las Vegas (NV) hotel, looking easterly — towards home.

Ah yes, good old Sin City.

There’s a dirty — to me — energy that runs through that town. Might be the lights, the artificial atmosphere, who knows what. Great place to visit and even better if one has money to burn. It’s almost fun — an adult play land.

The image was a spectacular source file, used those clouds over and over, just resonated with me.

The picture of Dali’s “Time” harkens back even decades earlier when I could afford to spend time in and around London (UK).

Dali was a surrealist, and he was adept at marketing himself, and his works. Get an image then reproduce it. The placement of the sculpture and so forth, and I’m guessing it was intentional with Big Ben as a backdrop, that’s pointed towards the Westminster Bridge.

Seems like the sidewalk from the Westminster Tube towards where that sculpture was placed, seems like it is used in every scene in a movie or TV show. I recall walking that sidewalk, it was my preferred route to the theatre. Think that’s called “Queen’s Walk,” but I don’t recall.

The various archetypes, from Las Vegas, Nevada to London, England. Imagery. Why I like that post.

At some point, one of the self-published ventures, I used an earlier version of that image on a “blook” (blog — book). Image at that time was the first in a long succession of “fish cameras,” portable, inexpensive digital image devices. I recall that first one, Radio Shack special, right at a hundred bucks — 1 (one) megapixel. Or megabyte, or whatever. Lasted the longest, so there was that.

Various Archetypes

The various archetypes in the single post, two images, one from the wild, wild west — and the other from the seat of western civilization — both wrapped in a single post.

Paging through the archives, I happened across that. Speaks to roots, causes, sources, and useful data about my motivation and understanding.

Dali Time.

Portable Mercury Retrograde