About Honor

Marcus Aurelius on Honor.

About Honor

Seems, and this is more apocryphal than anything else, but seems like there was a problem in World War II because the mindset of one of the opposing forces was impossible for an American to understand. It’s about how honor, and for that matter, “face,” a kind of societal pressure was more important than the essence.

“It’s more important to look good than feel good.”

Not sure that quite captures it. It’a a point where the idea and the ideals of ones honor is at stake, and jeopardizing that is greater evil than endangering oneself.

There’s a cultural, ancestral sense of shame attached. One does not dishonor one’s family.

“If thou wilt fight, fight by thy father’s side,
And commendable prov’d, let’s die in pride.”

Henry 6.1, 4.6.57 (seen here as Geek Pride)

They die. Out of context, maybe even in context, but out of context, just quite alone, “Let’s die in pride” sends the message about honor.

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