Recycled Quote

Goes around, comes around?

Recycled Quote

“… Earth’s offspring back to earth
But all that’s born of heaven
To heaven returns again.”

Either that or the cluster of atoms pulls apart and one way or another the insensible elements disperse.

Marcus Aurelius – Meditations – Book Seven #50

  • “All born of earth must unto earth return;
    All growths of heavenly seed to heav’n revert.”
    — by the disintegration, that is, of their atomic structure and the dispersion of their uncaring elements.


  • “Καὶ σίτοισι καὶ ποτοῖσι καὶ μαγεύμασι παρεκτρέποντες ὀχετὸν ὥστε μὴ θανεῖν. θεόθεν δὲ πνέοντ̓ οὖρον ἀνάγκη τλῆναι καμάτοις ἀνοδύρτοις.”

Marcus Aurelius (meditations)


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