Gloom and Doom


Gloom and Doom

QuestionI was doing so fine this morning, saddled up to work, and made more coffee. While I was sitting in the diminutive kitchen area, I thought I would glance through the current news feeds.

On the one hand, Texas enacted alarmingly repressive action against women’s rights (abortion).

On the other hand, there’s the ongoing mask debate, “My body, my right to not wear a mask!”

My brain stalls out. “My body, my right,” sure, I can understand that. But it also means that — never mind. Males should have no legislative power over females. Since early in my career, I’ve said that.

If ovaries are legislated, so should public health?

Gloom and Doom

During the hotly contested last presidential election, I stood in line to vote. I’m not over 65, nor do I have medical exemptions, so I gave up an hour of my day to vote. The Republicans carried the state but by an increasingly narrow margin.

The woman I stood next to? She was chatty, and even though we were six feet apart, and masked, we idly conversed about some matters, including, “This might be the most important election of our lives.”

I agreed.

She acknowledged that the early voting process was a hardship for her, but like me, she missed the narrow confines of voting by mail. She was a bit older than me, and leaning on a cane, a merry visage framed by abundant gray hair.

I’ve voted in one or two local races since that fateful, divisive election that — as of current the date — lacks any substantive evidence of fraud.

The doom and gloom is more draconian voting laws are now in effect. Laws to protect against fraud that never happened?

Gloom and Doom

Along with other “gun rights,” Texas enacted an “open carry” bit of legislation. Anyone who can legally own a firearm can wear one on their hip, no training, no abiding covenants, just any old hothead can strap a piece on, and open carry.

Go constitutional rights!

Not that I was cast dispersions, but anyone? I can think of several fishing buddies, lining up and ready to be armed.

This is going to go well, isn’t it?

Gloom and Doom

QuestionThere’s a reason I tend to shy way from news feeds in the morning — nothing good can come of any of this.

“How stupid can they be?”

Apparently some folks see that as a challenge.