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Appearances, Travels, and Schedules

Used to be easy, as I kept an active schedule, several years, I was on the road — working — almost every weekend, gone three weekends a month, or more.

Pandemic, age, entropy, and the internet has reduced my schedule. Frankly, travel isn’t as much as fun, and the weekend grind, when it became a grind, that greatly reduced its appeal.

Then again, I enjoy the interaction with live clients, but the effort got to a point where it didn’t justify the results. Costs too much; does too little.

Harkens back to a time, early double-aughts, I was still in Austin, and the omnipresent google’s global domination was hitherto yet unrealized, I held a top position, a vaunted number one position, and I did it entirely by accident. It was authority, as the number one position came from repeated efforts to work at every event and venue that was local.

Deliver consistently.

I drifted further south, but maintained ties to Austin, too much extended family there.

Coasting southerly, for both a home, a location, and my position on google’s search, not that it matters anymore. I didn’t game the system or stack the cards, or even play fast and loose with words, positions, and various other SEO tricks. I don’t think that’s fair, and the effort outweighs the results.

Appearances, Travels, and Schedules

However, eventually became just, and while no longer a search engine-ranked destination, I still use that page for Appearances, Travels, and Schedules.

Rock Shop SignLooking back and looking forward, my schedule is starting to shrink. Entropy, age, drive: they are all factors. But what it amounts to?

I’ve hit a sweet spot, between Austin’s rock shop, and San Antonio’s special Capricorn promoter’s events. It is sustainable, lightweight, coronasafe, and almost too predictable. But it works, for me, for now.

It’s a pleasure that the San Antonio show can book a year’s worth of events, this far out, and that makes plans for me much easier. That’s basically every first and third Sunday for the next year. Xmas in July.

The rock shop is only slightly more problematic, with current corona conditions and peril, but again, that’s settled into second and fourth Tuesday, each month. I can’t — with good conscience — put the dates on the schedule until I have a confirmation from the coordinator. Still, for the foreseeable future, I can continue there, so it seems.

Austin, along with much of Texas, has seen an uptick in corona cases, so there is that, and at the store, it means masks, and limited customers at a time. In addition, I stick to a firm 5:00 PM cutoff. I am NOT Bill King’s Brake-0. Show up at 4:55? I’ll suggest you book a phone reading.

Appearances, Travels, and Schedules

While it’s become more of a placeholder, just for me, I still refer anyone who wants to know, when and where I’ll be?

“Check the listing.”