e-Mail as social media

e-Mail as social media

I run a tidy little, almost private, social media company. It’s open to everyone, but response time varies. Typically, though? The email is the quickest response. That simple.

E-mailNotion was floated by a Gemini buddy, and probably not wholly original in thought form, but as a concept, it works.

So, the way this works? As a social media construct? Think of email as the original form of social media. Room for discourse, discussion, threads of conversation, and I occasionally post funny images. There will be pictures of cats.

It’s the perfect form of media for discussion, threaded conversation, meeting of like minds, and a medium? Accessible to everyone online — hence the term, “social media.”

Portable, transparent, accessible, threaded discussions, sure the perfect social media exists: email.

e-Mail as social media


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