When You Read This

When You Read This

When you read this

One category my various feed readers is set for includes book reviews. A recent headline was something about a half-dozen novels told in experimental form. Not that I haven’t thought about that before, and not that I don’t toy with form and structure as it is, me, always trying to tease out what the planets foretell, sure.

From one feed, I got a the name of the book, When you read this, and from a different feed, I found reviews of the tales told from varying perspectives, which, I never realized was part of the way the novel in question, a new one. I enjoy reading an epistolary tale, done in text and e-mail.

As an example? Between owner and intern?

“Did you know Mercury is in retrograde, so it’s a dangerous time to be technologically innovative?”

One, repugnant, word — Millennial (audience).

It’s a tale, told via e-mail, and near the end, I realized, it’s a love story. The telling of the narrative, though, a calculated, crafted novel done through the modern, electronic mediums, like messages, e-mails, and texts.

Engaging, for me, in a weird way, but part of that, is, no doubt, the way the tale is told. Snippets, portions, a blog of a main character who is now, sadly, deceased.

Extra points awarded for the innovative way the story was told, although, the epistolary style can be discomforting, the cadence and general tone made it work.