Lost Hills


There’s a style, look, authorial style, just a way of writing? I see the world through an astrological lens, and I finally discovered, there’s a series of authors, and their birthdates, purported or reported, all fall in my in between generation, that odd group, essentially, just Pluto in Virgo (think: 1960 to 1970). There’s a tone, a cadence, rhythm to the words, how they roll off the page and into my mind.

I don’t know if the author is one of those, a cursory search indicated he might be a tad older, but it was his more recent novels that I realized it was that wording, the way he tells the story, the balance of dialogue, description, and banter. Quick, or not so quick, web search for the name came up with a reasonable enough birthday: Pluto in Virgo (natal placement).

There’s something about the generation, the (us) inbetweeners, and now? They are all reaching an age when we know better. Old enough to know better, and still think we’re young enough to be indestructible. (As if.)

Lost Hills

Lost Hills, I was little unsure of novel since Amazon kept recommending it. But having read s couple of other books by the same guy, and enjoyed those immensely, in a fun, not-too-serious (but maybe) way? Sure, read a female protagonist cop, and murder-mystery, police procedural — see how this goes.

“Most crimes have a Walmart connection,” Duncan said. “It’s like six degrees of separation,” Garvey said. “Only with Walmart.” Page 79.

Have to admit black humor, especially in context.

Fun to read, and topical, in a way. Just, it wasn’t until halfway through this novel that I saw a distant thread, a generational thread, through a great number of the writers I read. The stuff I enjoy? All from that era, you know, we had the best music.

Lost Hills

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