Two Transits

“There is a palpable end to the pandemic.”
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Transit SATURN square natal Neptune
Natal Neptune usually addresses the spiritual foundation of a chart, and Saturn’s tension angle, a square, that tends to test the foundation. Is it good? Beliefs built on a solid foundation? Or is the dogma weak and insecure? Weakness gives way to fear, uncertainty, and doubt. That weakness also make it possible to become victimized by a presumed authority figure. Some event tends to rock the world, and the way an individual responds to that event, that is the most telling. Understanding that this is primarily a spiritual question time, and that there may be no correct answers, but willingness to question is key.

Transit URANUS opposed natal Neptune
Big astrology players like Uranus and Neptune slow roll. That means this doesn’t happen all at once, but this one is about secrets, perhaps a secret shared in confidence with another person, only to have that secret “leaked,” at the weirdest possible time. There’s a sense, too, that this is about groups of people, because the location of Neptune is more a generational kind of planet, and while Uranus moves incrementally faster, still this manages to hit a number of people at similar times. Secrets and then secrets that get broadcast.

Saturn Conjunct

Transit SATURN conjoined natal Sun
Saturn tends to reward patient effort. No where does this show up stronger than under this conjunction, with the tighter Saturn gets, the more pronounced the effect. There’s a sense of demands, demands for attention to infinite details, demands for personal attention that seem to distract from otherwise enjoyable pursuits. The other, possibly most important advice, under Saturn’s tutelage? Avoid confrontation with superiors. A “superior” can be a supervisor, manager, or boss in some guise. Successfully negotiating this transit leads to gratifying success, while dodging Saturn’s lessons will result in failure. The outcome is determined by the aplomb and equanimity of how one deals with this conjunction. Patience, practice, and practical application — more than wisdom, pay off well.

Neptune Conjunct

Transit NEPTUNE conjoined natal Sun
This tends to last a year or more in its influence, and it is about spiritual growth, but the challenges are usually in real world situations. While exploring the inner realms of the mind, noblest of philosophical pursuits, inattention to more mundane matters can result in chaos and emotional trauma. Understanding the illusion that Neptune creates, obscuring even the most pedantic of matters, then understanding that there is a spiritual path, only that pathway is none too clear at this time. Meditation practices get rewarded whereas escapist behaviors like illegal drugs and alcohol tend to obfuscate the issues, exacerbating the situations, and merely delaying the inevitable outcome.

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