Insuring Disappointment

Insuring Disappointment

USAA has the catchiest little jingle — good ad running these days. The content is something about how USAA Insurance acted quickly, before the claimant knew there was an issue.

Accident date? Dec. 3, 2020. (My vehicle was struck by the other car).

I filed with the listed insurance, USAA, within two hours of the incident, and called back the next day, with me following up several more times, to no resolution.

The line I was given? “We haven’t heard back from our insured.”

After 7 days, I filed with my own insurance, and as soon as that action happened? It sent an alert to USAA, I heard back from their claims adjuster.


Insuring Disappointment

I was told that USAA was going to cover the cost of repair, and cover the cost of a rent car until the damages were repaired. I was also assured that it was 100% their fault, and the car was going to be totally fixed. Two flat tires, and both passenger-side doors dented.

No broken glass, and no air bags deployed.

First estimate was $10K (+/-) to fix my ride. Car’s not even in my name, but I am insured.

USAA, according to their advertising, takes care of their people. USAA certainly did not take care of me. Car’s totaled, now, and the owner will only be getting a fraction of the cost. Just had the tires rotated, filled with nitrogen, better mileage, and the car was just serviced a few weeks earlier. Car’s just been registered, inspected, and other than the tiniest bit of wear on the driver’s seat, thanks to my fat ass, yeah, no other damage — at all. No door dings, garaged for the last few years, and serviced according to the factory schedule.

Yeah, USAA might take care of their people, but at what expense? I would suggest that’s false advertising.

USAA doing right for their bottom line at the expense of the aggrieved?

Insuring Disappointment

I think that’s false advertising — about always doing the right thing.

Adding insult to injury? The rent car, I ended up paying for a portion of that, above and beyond the gas used, again, contravening implicit conventions. Wait, they did come through, only after repeated phone calls. Lot of extra work for me.

Avoid USAA Insurance, despite the company’s patriotic appeal.

See the fineprint for all terms and disclaimers.

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