• Subtitle: what I learned from (3) days with no power—

Over the years, I accumulated a number of metal-body flashlights — MAGLITE brand, mostly.

MercRXGot a couple of the Double-A size, a few Triple-A, and the ubiquitous triple C-cell club, now bedside. A decades old D-cell, ham-fisted, utterly reliable, usually bedside.

What I learned in the recent spate of inclement weather and its concurrent power outage (total failure of the Texas power grid)?

One observation that stuck with me, and that I hold to be more important, even now? While I’ve occasionally used those flashlights, and I do religiously carry a small one in my various go-bags, until now, I didn’t realize the importance of the LED replacement bulb. I did that, a replacement, upgrade sort of thing, some years back. I replaced two or three of the bulbs with the LED versions. Just brighter, more light.

While it’s not really a big deal, in and of itself, in an emergency situation like recently — turns out?

That was a good idea;
some would suggest, brilliant

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