Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde

“Blind visions and no reasons
For action, blind words

Rolling into work, i.e., I watched as a young man with flowing, dark locks pulled a cart into the side door. His hair was carefully casual, pulled back with a ponytail on top, but the rest was left down.

Hippie sandals, loose, long-sleeve Mediterranean peasant top, and a matching billowing blousy pantaloons. For a moment, I was unstuck in time, the pants, like probably a yoga pant-set, but also: “You can’t touch this.”

Pop music and dated pop1 culture all collided.

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde from January 30 to February 20, 2021, and it’s all in Aquarius, which, for those who are not paying attention2, is an air sign. Fixed, air sign.

The two signs that precede Aquarius? Sagittarius then Capricorn.

Mercury in Retrograde

Singular comment, not a snide remark, the guy was very attractive. So was his companion, a comely lass of approximate configuration, and in this scenario, she was really the star, he was just being supportive.

Instead of “Hi, how are you,” my opening line is a “what’s your birthday?” The young woman was Capricorn, greeted with my gales of laughter: red-head. Then the guy, I was noticing him first, he was a November Sagittarius. In part it was his all-black attire, in part, it was his casual disdain of footwear, as soon as he was parked behind the table, sandals were off.

But mostly, it was a resonate image from times gone before. While not identical, I carried the exact same energy, maybe thirty years ago. Started with a Scorpio, not a Capricorn, as all those red-heads showed up later, but that was a starting point. In my early years, before I got comfortable with a more casual kind of appearance, I was formally informal. Like that one Sagittarius.

To another of the co-workers, I mentioned my observation, “I looked like that 30 years ago3,” and she suggested, slight leer, “you look better now.”

I’m not buying it4, and I’m not worried. It was that deja-vu brought about by Mercury in apparent retrograde motion.

That Mercury in retrograde creates tension angles to other fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio (square), and The Leo (opposition), and all of that means?

Means that reality comes crashing in. There was a commentary that I rather enjoyed, “Oh look. It’s the consequences of my own actions. Back to haunt me.”

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde

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  1. “You can’t touch this” — yeah, that one.
  2. e.g., BareFoot Astrology!
  3. Or maybe just 20 years back? There’s one.
  4. Youth, or “back in the day.”

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