Saturn and Jupiter in the early stages of Aquarius square Natal Neptune for those born, roughly 1955-64, over the next days, weeks, months.

Out of the book, and what that means, oh little star of Bethlehem?

Transit SATURN square natal Neptune
Natal Neptune usually addresses the spiritual foundation of a chart, and Saturn’s tension angle, a square, that tends to test the foundation. Is it good? Beliefs built on a solid foundation? Or is the dogma weak and insecure? Weakness gives way to fear, uncertainty, and doubt. That weakness also make it possible to become victimized by a presumed authority figure. Some event tends to rock the world, and the way an individual responds to that event, that is the most telling. Understanding that this is primarily a spiritual question time, and that there may be no correct answers, but willingness to question is key.

Transit JUPITER square natal Neptune
There’s a thoroughly unreality bend to this time frame, as long as transiting Jupiter is making a tough angle to Natal Neptune. Influence attributed to Jupiter is hopeful and Neptune makes it too easy to disregard certain facts and harsh reality. There’s a restless air that’s tinged with confusion. Not sure of a direction other than the impractical, and impossible route that is totally unrealistic.


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