Travel Card

Travel Card

On the trailing edge of the first serious round of home inclusion and exclusion, the pandemic panic, going through an older folder of paperwork, I stumbled across a few items of important and useless trivia. One of them was a week-long Tube pass, from 1998.

Notable, at the time, and buried in my own archives — someplace — there was the proto-blog entry about getting a cup of coffee at a new place called “Jo’s” at the corner of Congress and James St. in Austin, one morning, and the next morning, it was coffee at some place on St. James in London.

Now, with birthday and current political, astrological climates in heady flux? The old data surfaces again.

There’s no meaning, no symbolism, not sure what it stands for, but it was a a time when tube or bus ride in London was about a quid (one pound, roughly one dollar, at the time), and for me, getting around was easiest on that public transit, with the “unlimited trip” card being a superlative route for my tourist ass.

Think I pretty much just stayed in Zone 1, but I’m unsure if that was real. Time wears out memories.

When Mercury is retrograde, sort of retrograde, or even just in a shadow phase, digging up old trivia, then finding a secure holding place, a memorable keepsake safe place?

Travel Card

I have an old scrapbook from dozens of years back, with a few notations, but mostly ticket stubs from various venues. Fun stuff, for me. Easiest way to recall, and for storage, it’s simple.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave only footprints.”

(cf., Pisces)

Travel Card

Travel Card

If only there was a manual….

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