Texas Trifecta

Texas Trifecta

Flounder, Trout, Red. It’s a trifecta of Texas inshore legend, and while close, technically, I’ve done this before, last week, for sure. Seemed like the incipient hurricane pushed more water into the bay, tide was higher?

Several big reds, healthy, strong, some with a real shoulder to them, not unlike their cousin, the black drum. Best of all? Part of the Capricorn Horoscope? Late in the day, just past noon, the bite was tapering off. I suggested that Capricorn tip and that brought in the last fighters of the day.

So flounder, trout1, and reds. Got all three. Images courtesy of Capt. Doug, and special thanks to retiring Capt. Ron, his tricks and locations still work.

Right before another hurricane was about to roll ashore. That late morning sunrise image, the first bands of rain, dissipating before reaching the barrier islands.

From the back of the shirt?

”Freshwater is for sissies.”

Available at Rowdy Maui2 in Rockport, check listing for detail.

Oct. action video.

  1. “Specs,” to some, speckled sea trout. Good eating. Tender flesh.
  2. In Rockport, TX — Rowdy Maui.

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