Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me

Virgo former girlfriend first talked me into Carl Hiaasen novels, and that started on a long affair of reading one after another. I must admit, there was one, and in it? The fish won. I’m good with that, as it should be.

Popular authors and good writing, not always a combination, but the opening lines, the opening sequence reminded me that crisp author tones, that works. I appreciate the “Whacky Florida” gang, and the plots, crooks, thieves, murderers, and general mayhem, and if I didn’t live in Texas? Such oddities would seem impossible, but alas, they are commonplace, even here.

Sidebar review: due to pandemic restrictions, my most recent viewing experiences were two seasons of The Umbrella Academy, based on a graphic novel series, and Tim Roth in Tin Star, from BBC Canada, I think. Both series were perfect “streaming” material, but both series had an annoying — to me — pacing problem. Just not quite as quick as typical one-hour episodes, but a positive nod towards a season three. The final act in each series played out quite well, in my mind. It’s that pacing, I was thinking about.

There’s an inherent quickness to the action, the plot seems to careen along at blistering pace, with the hackneyed expression, “Action-packed” doing a disservice to the speed — and agility.

Lots of current events, and perhaps not a good novel for right-wing conservatives, unless they are willing to take a joke and accept it as just humor, maybe a tad satircal or hopeful.

The quick pacing was even further enhanced, as there is definite “Third Act Twist” that was — I kept hoping. “Keep hope alive.”

It turned into a day-long book for me, started the night before, but fell asleep after a few pages. However, the next morning, casually hefted the novel, and didn’t stop until I was done. I’m not always compulsive book person, but some stories are funny, topical, tropical, on-point, and amusing.

There is a brutally savage skewering of the current political climate, and the offices we hold as most holy. Never named — probably for legal reasons — this is a work of fiction — or not that I recall, the Florida setting is perfect. Never really leaves the tawny, tony Palm Beach area.

Squeeze Me

Lacking front appropriate front matter, that’s hold be included, or something like it. Politically damning. But funny as can be with a proper, satisfactory twist.

As a footnote? The Kafka text.

Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me: A novel (9781524733452): Hiaasen, Carl

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