Life During the Plague

Life During the Plague

  1. Clues for maintain a productive lifestyle during quarantine?
  2. Tips to retain some semblance of sanity during the current panic?
  3. Advice for shut-in creatives?
  4. Ways to survive and even thrive despite the current conditions? Think that’s what this really is.
  5. How to survive and thrive when masks are option, but but make damn good sense.

Life During the Plague

The first is that morning routine. While I developed this as a way to deal with Mercury in apparent retrograde motion, with this year’s Mercury, Venus, and Mars all “doing a little dance?” Now, more so than ever, does a modified version of this routine work.

First thing, coffee. Lots of coffee. I’ve gone a number of different routes with this, demitasse to quart containers, fine china to barely serviceable paper cups. Adjust as need be for current, in-house conditions.


Or whatever in a similar guise. One buddy uses bourbon. Whatever works. I think coffee is best.

Life During the Plague

Yesterday morning, though, I feel into a trap. First thing, while the water was boiling for the coffee? I looked at the news feeds.

Big mistake.

Online news becomes an animal that feeds upon itself. I tend to favor a handful of reasonably reputable news sites, or I’ll fall prey to the click-bait headline, and next thing I know, I’ve got the corona, and I’m at death’s door.

“Top ten things not to do in quarantine,” another favorite headline.

The cure is simple enough, instead of spending a few moments which turns into hours, of doom-scrolling, make something of the time. The news won’t change, and not looking first thing in the morning can help.

It’s such a simple guideline, and yet, seems one of the most effective ways I’ve found to help cope with current conditions.

At the moment, Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer while Venus is Retrograde in Gemini.

This is “forcing an issue,” more than anything else. The biggest obstacle? Which issue?

With both Mercury and mercurial influences (Venus retrograde in Gemini), this combines two areas, our outward communications, and what our home is.

Outward and inward, in a single breath.

Life During the Plague

So coffee is an obvious hot tip to maintain some kind of control over one’s immediate environment. Avoid the news feeds, especially, first thing in the morning.

Finally, there has to be the spark of joy. Some activity the brings happiness, and possibly internal pleasure, sure. That.

For me, I like hearing my fingers typing. There’s a gentle rhythm, and that’s all it takes.

Life During the Plague

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