Inner Planets

Inner Planets

Strictly speaking the inner planets are merely Mercury and Venus. However, as I work through so many astrology charts, the way I add several planets together, I tend to treat Mars, Venus, Mercury, and sometimes, the Moon all as inner planets. Kind of depends.

Helps to lump these together, though, in astrological interpretations, as they all are fast moving, when compared with other influences. Quick planets mean change.

Working through the Mars section, I was reminded of an interaction with a certain person. She was meeting with me, and despite typical December’s weather in South Texas, she was sweating. I thought it was my raw appeal, but as we discussed business then moved onto astrology charts, I realized it was Mars.

Mars made her sweat.

Inner Planets

Inner planets get a special focus. This year, as we are in the midst of Venus in apparent retrograde motion, even now.

A reputed software developed recently rolled an update, and it included some new, or new-isn Google Fonts. Which meant, I spent several hours, first, trying to look up the fonts themselves by their varied and confusing titles, then looking at the display renderings, and finally, plugging in various fonts on the test website, to see what looked good, what appeared more readable, and what looked stupid.

Hours, standing at my desk, messing with fonts. What I wound up doing, after searching, fiddling, clicking, uploading, downloading and everything else? I wound up right back where I started. Same font. Site’s backend is a little leaner and cleaner, but yeah, back where I started. It’s a Venus in Retrograde message about taste and not altering what already works.

Inner Planets

As the other inner planet? Mercury gets his own little book, dealing with the exigencies, then anecdotes and antidotes for Mercury Retrograde, which I cover in my Portable Mercury Retrograde

Kramer Wetzel’s little book of transits

“Coming Soon, to a bookseller near you.”

Draft Cover

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