Big Magic

Big Magic

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Good advice?

“(Experience has taught me to be careful of meeting my heroes in person; it can be terribly disappointing.)” Page 7.

Yeah, kind of.

“Everything is so goddamn scary.” Page 15.

About sums it up?

But it is, not being too defensive, it is so scary.

The book got a huge marketing push, apparently the author was famous elsewhere, and this — is it self-help?

Currently, my “backyard” has a flock of pink flamingos. Some are plastic, some are metal, still looking for cheap concrete ones, too. There’s a buddhist monk, and my current iteration of a “Darwin” garden. if it survives, it lives. Looking over the garden, and into the flock of flamingoes, reminded me of what I think as creative time.

“Don’t rage at the gods above.” Page 48.

The elusive nature of what is creativity is part of the question, at first. Then, too, there’s the idea of tuning into that wavelength, using personal bandwidth to answer the muse when she comes calling.

Big Magic

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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