Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus

One of the memes that I found ever so much more amusing, especially after the the first onset of the pandemic and subsequent panic? Short, block letters, against a variety of backdrops, but the message was clear, “I just want to stay home, chill, and watch Netflix.” As soon as the “shelter in place” order was handed down? An angry mob, “I have a God-given RIGHT to go outside and lick whatever I want!” Come to think of it, I might’ve swiped that from El Arroyo.

Doesn’t matter the source, it plays to a certain energy that is present, and there’s a special kind of New Moon event, coming up April 22, 2020 around 9:26 PM, local time. There will always be a few minutes of “fudge factor” as the data is delivered differently by various media, but figure around 9:30 PM in Austin.

This plays into several elements. Taurus is an Earth sign, and the first few degrees of Taurus have the Sun, Moon, and Uranus. Uranus, in modern astrology, “rules” Aquarius. In even older astrology, before Uranus was “seen,” Aquarius was ruled by Saturn.

While a typical Aquarius energy is naturally rebellious, there will always be the saturnine Aquarius, moaning, “No good will come from this, nope, no good at all.”

Sanguine Aquarius is more Uranus in style, while saturnine Aquarius is more Saturn in style. Easy enough to see how that one lines up.

That New Moon in Taurus, first it “squares” Saturn in Aquarius, then it lines up with the Sun, then it lopes on towards Uranus, sort rolling along and making connections with each, and the starting point? Square Saturn? That’s a tough touchpoint. Or “uncomfortable,” perhaps, “discomfiting.”

Back to the very nature of Aquarius and a quick astronomical overview of the planet associated with Aquarius, Uranus. Essentially, Uranus is 90 degree off from everything else in the solar system rolling along like a bowling ball while every other planet is spinning like a top. In a simplistic view? That explains the eccentric nature of Aquarius. (See footnote.)

What that typical Uranian-Aquarius flavor does? Consider, too, that Aquarius is the sign of the Water-Bearer, but it is an Air Sign. Fixed Air sign. The old mantra of “Keep Austin Weird” exemplified the diversity and sheer oddity associated with that Uranus/Aquarius energy.

Now, Saturn represents structure, and Saturn is staid, conservative, and dour.

The new moon is about a fresh start, but this fresh start isn’t without some serious, structural realignments. Some of the existing underpinnings in life are there for a purpose, and this is about not changing for the sake of change, although, and to be honest that Aquarius energy would like that, but it’s about figuring out what needs to be realigned. Sometimes, this isn’t big, sweeping changes, but subtle adjustments.

At one point, both Saturn and Uranus are major players for that Aquarian Energy. At one point, that tension between rulers as the Taurus demand for stability and the Aquarius relentlessly eccentric change for the sake of change are going to encounter a point where they must negotiate a truce, if not a peace.

There’s a quote from Winston Churchill, I’ve used that quote over and over, from a time when he was addressing a political gathering, late in 1942.

‘Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’

Depends, individually, one what actions, what symbolic, magical, meditative, or even conventional prayer, whatever steps are taken, this is the end of the beginning, I hope.

TaurusThe chart spells out a new approach to an old problem, or an old approach to the new problem, one way or another, the conditions can be flipped around. The answers are there; some are buried in the conventional, some are going to be, well, it involves that planet with its lopsided orbit, maybe unconventional?

The challenges we face as citizens on the same planet is about how to get along, and what needs to be changed, remembering, with Saturn and Uranus, some of this might not be comfortable.

Uranus has an orbit that’s approximately 84 years. It’s “poles” (North and South poles) are inclined at about an 87 degree angle, more like an east and west rather than north and south, but the deal is, every 42 years or so, it’s gradual, this doesn’t happen in a flash, the directions of the planet’s poles swaps. “Eccentric” doesn’t even cover the weirdness factors. There’s a series of “belts,” very much like Saturn’s rings, only, the belt is quite narrow, and every 42 years or so, it’s seen as a circle, like a vertical halo, around the planet rather than like Saturn’s horizontal rings.

There’s always one, usual in the back of the audience, telling me that “Aqua, right, means, ‘water,’ so Aquarius is a water sign.”

Sorry, no, the Water-bearer, not a water sign itself. Just about, not quite, but just about 90 degrees off from anything normal.

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