Roadside Texas

Roadside Texas

My annual, or semi-annual migratory route through Dallas brought up that curiosity question, and I found the answer — quick link (things we see). Full title is longer than the link, Things we see whilst on the road in Texas.

To me, this echoes the Lone Star Cafe in New York, with an iguana for a sign, I think? Never went there, don’t know, not for sure, but the sign was purported artwork and therefore, not a sign. Then came the Tango Frogs, again a sign that was not a sign, and those frogs had a final resting place close to that Milford (TX) thing.

From a cursory search, it’s a Tesla Power Coil for providing electrical current over the airwaves. To me, though, and the mention of the work of Daddy O, the frogs, the iguana, the Cadillacs in Amarillo? The Hula Hut’s Large Mouth Bass?

So I’m making a little leap in logic here, but I would hazard a guess that the “thing” is as much a billboard-type sign as it is technical wonder to zap juice to surrounding communities, as suggested.

Roadside Texas

I’m an astrologer; I will not mock pseudo-science.

I still think the big tower-looking thing is more a sign than science.

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