Saw this circulated as a meme, then I noticed that the top two stayed the same while other text was inserted for the bottom one.

  1. Thinking about stuff you have.
  2. Thinking about you don’t have.
  3. Thinking about stuff you want but don’t need.

In my own, crude way, the X/Y axis are 11, while the open-ended bar goes to 12?

  1. Meditating on peace.
  2. Meditating on current challenges.
  3. Meditating on how to get even with that fool who…

Not the best examples, but they are in short supply this morning.


  1. Function beyond current skill level
  2. Drive to finish despite lack of skill
  3. The ability to keep going despite a total FUBAR

Images supposedly carry more emotional weight than words, but the web in its nascent form, was textual in nature. The search engine behemoth, Goggle, the first iteration, wasn’t it the semantic way to parse words, see if it was filler or if the content was well-written and authoritative?

Check here, I am not a robot.

That one didn’t work as well as I thought.

  1. Things I think I want
  2. Getting those things.
  3. Finding out they are not as advertised.

Some successful, some less so?

  1. Things I can control.
  2. Things I can’t control.
  3. Things I have no control over, but worry about anyway.

Parents want to weigh in on this one? Fears:

  1. Kids eating veggies.
  2. Kids playing doctor.
  3. Kids suddenly very quiet in the other room.

Interesting idea.

  1. Mercury in Retrograde
  2. Mercurial fears.
  3. Self-actualized disappoints blamed on Mercury.




That last one sounded better in my own head.

Scientifically explained?

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