Special Footnote

Special Footnote

In the last few years I’ve run various special deals. When I upgraded software, the old “report writer” software no longer functions with updated systems. As noted, quoted:

“What I’ll miss? The ability to churn out astrology reports.”

So this year’s December Special is simple, and easy for me to fulfill. With the current disarrayed state of the inter-webs, I’m pretty sure that there are other places that offer free reports. From a price/work, the nature of cost versus price?

The reports are no longer a viable option.

That means?

I don’t sell astrology reports — at all. The idea was what started me on this career path, and I did pioneer the e-mail delivery option, but that was, like, 25 years ago.

Situations change.

I love the horoscopes, and I enjoy doing readings. Those are constant. Available on the website only. Then, too, I’m always available in person, in the stated locations.


A software update, a shop closing its doors, and the new year. Change is constant. Adapt and grow. Hey, those would be good words of advice.

In the words of long-time fishing buddy?

“Peace out, dawg.”

The horoscopes have no end in sight. No end on this site.

December Special

Variations on theme?

Regular deal?



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