The Infinite Pieces of Us

The Infinite Pieces of Us

The Infinite Pieces of Us (Unabridged) – Rebekah Crane
New Mexico: land of enchantment. Land of myth and mystery, the high desert.
Besides high school and an aborted college career, by the time I settled into my old travel routine, I spent fair amount of time tromping in and among the ruins of the New Mexico terrain.

Including, but not limited to, that hard New Mexico line.

The captivating text suggested this was a novel set in Truth or Consequences, NM. “TorC” was, last time I swept through, a backwater off the interstate, a holding spot for fishing the reservoir called Elephant Butte (lake dam and lake). All the geographical features suffer from puerile misnomers.

“And trust is handing over a piece of your heart to someone and believing they’ll hold it as delicately as you do.” Page 54.

This isn’t the first YA (classed) book I’ve stumbled into, but the tender texts like this have less full-frontal nudity, implied or otherwise, and usually a much lower body count. Not that it’s thing, but nice, once in a while to take a break from murder, mayhem, criminals, and that family.

“But adults don’t know love without strings attached.” Page 68.

Yeah, YA crap, but good stuff, a mental palate cleanse after Shakespeare, murder, and thrillers. Who’s to say that good writing, despite the target audience, isn’t just good writing, not a particular group, like YA?
Gay YA, or in this case YA with some gay supporting roles.

The Infinite Pieces of Us

Just in time for Xmas. It’s an Xmas story, too. Gift of the Magi — style.
Highly amusing ontological discussion about baby out of wedlock, surrounding the nature of the Christian version of God.
Can teenage angst be real? And entertaining? Evocatively wrought and lyrical posted prose, sure.
Great, lightweight read, loved the symbolism that wasn’t too heavy-handed.

The Infinite Pieces of Us

The Infinite Pieces of Us (Unabridged) – Rebekah Crane

Weirdly enough? That header image is highway to TorC.

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