Shotgun Lawyer

Shotgun Lawyer

The Shotgun Lawyer
Great opening. Hooked on the first page. Perfidious, disingenuous — no wonder lawyers get a bad reputation.

“The difference between heroin and oxycodone was the difference between Coke Classic and New Coke.” Page 153.

Smart ass lawyer. But it’s true, you know.
Early on in the novel, I was thinking that this was a satire of some of the Grisham lawyer series. Or maybe some other lawyer books I’m not familiar with. Couldn’t tell. Ripping, gripping story, and rather a poignant line, especially given the urgency of current political states.
Girlfriend who handed the book’s title to me, she claimed to have read it in an afternoon, basically, one sitting. I took several days, but by the time I was at the halfway point, I knew I needed to be uninterrupted until I finished the book.
The story is compelling, and the single flaw, if it’s really a flaw at all, is that the story ends (mostly) happily ever after, at least for the main character. Not without a few breath-taking moments along the way, but yes, the previous two books were both romance, so I see happily ever after as romance. Book gets girl, boy makes mistakes and loses girl, boy gets girl back because she can forgive his sorry butt. Not really a spoiler.
The Shotgun Lawyer layers sleaze and thoroughly modern problems as well as poignant political issues with the taut prose and tight plot to make it work. Action. Adventure. Lawyers.
Lawyers, guns, and drugs — set in the seamy underside of Salt Lake (Utah).

Shotgun Lawyer

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