Please Use Other Door


Please Use Other Door

Portable Mercury Retrograde
The original image was from a downtown San Antonio warehouse/store. Little sign taped to the front window of the glass door, putatively the entrance, “Please use entrance around the side,” or something similar.

The next example was a locked front door of a showroom, and the sign clearly stated that the door was broken. Still, I sat and glanced up while a number of people would wander up, try the door, and then read the sign.

At one point, that entrance to the showroom was chained, with a length of heavy gauge steel chain looped through the handles, all secured with a padlock. Must’ve been for show, more than anything else — still? Amazing that a number of people will still walk up to the door and rattle the handle, “just to be sure.”

This showed up at a post office I frequented, almost daily during the week, more as exercise rather than as business-minded, but there is that, too. At one end, there was a double glass door, Mercury was retrograde. Door hinge was inoperative in some capacity. Door was locked. Little paper sign stuck up in the middle, just below eye level for me, plainly starting door was locked.

Wasn’t such a big deal, as I am a practicing astrologer, so when Mercury is in apparent retrograde motion, like now? I’m usually in my own version of Mercury lockdown mode, safe and prepared.

Last summer, I currently live near a big-box, chain store, and during the late summer? When Mercury was most heinously retrograde? I noticed a sign on the second of the front double-doors, “Door is broken — please use other door.”

Thought about it then dismissed the data. Made me recollect previous “broken door, use other door” scenarios.

In the intervening time, a client posted me an image that perfectly summed up the way this works — this Mercury in Retrograde thing.
I can’t locate the image, but it’s message was achingly amusing to me. Stuck up inside a glass door, a carefully lettered sign?

“Please pull. If that doesn’t work, please push. When that doesn’t work, please use the clearly marked entrance around the side of the building.”

As my late and loved old dad used to say, “When all else fails? Read the instructions.”

If only there was primer for this stuff —

the Portable Mercury Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde
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