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New About Page

Really needed to rework some of the static material on the site, so here’s what I was thinking about, a New About

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There is only one place to get these horoscopes:

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  • Unlike any other
  • Steeped in myth and metaphor
  • Written in plain English
  • Weekly – regular delivery

Hint: It’s like getting a short reading from me — each week.
It’s experimental and experiential horoscopes. Near infinite amounts of gathered data from years and years of observing humanity, the stars above, and how this all plays out below.

As Above, So Below

While conversant with any number of belief systems, the original framework was “Western” — the Tropical Zodiac, as enumerated by the 12 signs. While 1/12th of the population won’t be feeling the exact same thing, each time, the signs describe an energy, and that’s what this is about.
These horoscopes combine years of observation and practical application of astronomy, under the guise of “Western” Astrology. Consider that I’ve studied several types of astrology, and I have a working knowledge of a handful esoteric schools of thought. Connect that with a genuine love for Shakespeare’s work and old-fashioned fishing, and there’s the hook.
There is the yearly subscription price. $45.00, on Sale – 1st year: $40.00

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What the planets portend. What energies are present. How to best harness these feelings, imparted by the planets?
This site is totally reader-supported. What that means, I depend on the kindness of strangers to help keep this place afloat.
There is the yearly subscription price. $45.00, on Sale – 1st year: $40.00
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What it is: a weekly column structured around the 12 signs of the tropical zodiac.
What it’s not? Mandates for living.


The name drives from not-so-subtle portmanteau of astrology and Fishing Guide to the Stars, which was just a shorter version of “Kramer the Magnificent, knows all, sees all, and Fishing Guide to the Stars!”

Hint: even I don’t believe it all.

Still, the name stuck and the URL’s been active over 20 years now, with my own weekly horoscope column. Other entertainment and enlightenment as available, but that longevity is noteworthy in and of itself.
At times, bordering on bad taste and inappropriate suggestions, and other times, plain language calling it as it is.

Cultured yet uncouth.

There is the yearly subscription price. $45.00, on Sale – 1 year: $40.00
Buy me a coffee and help me stay awake to write more horoscopes.

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Only one place to find this exact material.

There is the yearly subscription price. $45.00, on Sale – 1 year: $40.00

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There will always be dark moments in a person’s journey through life. Part of what I do is to shine a light through that darkness. I don’t always manage correctly, but my heart is in my efforts. Then, too, there’s the idea that astrology is merely a load of made-up crap. Even I get moments when I believe that. Or when I don’t believe in what I do. Time and again, though, the efficacy of “The Stars” proves itself with tangible, palpable proof, oftentimes, unsolicited.
This astrology stuff can work, and it can be explained, and that’s part of what I do.

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