Just about every image of me at the Rock Shop in Austin or San Antonio has me with a bandana on.

“What’s the deal with the bandana? Rockstar?”


Not even a rock star, not what this is about. It’s about convenience wherein form follows function. Fashion should be dictated by comfort and utility.

Perhaps a decade back, maybe longer, I donated the last of my conventional, cloth ties to a charity. Maybe a charity case. I have a nice collection of bolo ties that I wear when “coat and tie” is required. I think I’ve worn a “sports coat,” maybe two, three times in the last year, and then, it was over a black-t and black jeans. Smart.

However, as stupid as a tie might be, my experiences in colder climes proves that a scarf is a good idea, and I’ll figure that’s from whence the tie is derived. I don’t know, not for sure, but it’s easy to see.

Form and function. In winter weather, a light overcoat and scarf does more than just a heavy coat.

Your mileage may vary.

The more I paused to consider it, this has been professional kind of “hat” for years now. Just convenience, for me. Others think it is some kind of a style statement. Me? Hardly.

The closest this is to a “style” for me was the time I found a pink bandana with grinning skulls, comical, grinning skulls. Funny, to me, in Austin, my audacious attire doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Any other place? I seem to evoke some kind of response, and generally, not always a welcome one.

For me, though, the bandana is function rather than fashion.


Which is what that bandana is all about.

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