Horoscopic overview for August 2019

Horoscopic overview for August 2019

by Kramer Wetzel of astrofish.net

New Moon in Leo, technically July 31, but Mercury going un-retrograde and starting a new cycle of clean up and forward motion as we pick all pick up the pieces. Adjusted for Austin? New Moon is August 1, Full Moon is August 15, and the next New Moon is Virgo, August 30.
Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius on the 12th, while Mars goes into Virgo August 19. Sun goes into Virgo on August 22.

The Leo

The New Moon — as the moon progresses forward and grows larger in the sky, over the next month? It’s about revisiting a decision that was “etched in stone,” and maybe thinking it through a second time. Less about second guessing and more about just reconsidering decisions that didn’t work as well as it was supposed to — last month. New Moon triggers new month — and everything better for Leo.


Before Mars arrives, there is a kind of emotional withdrawal in effect for Virgo. Taking it easy and mediating with something like an amethyst crystal helps repair the unmanaged mercurial mayhem that left everything mixed up. By the time the New Moon in Virgo arrives, everything feels well on its way back to order — perfect Virgo order.


It’s Austin. It’s hot. It’s the weeks before school starts. There’s an insistent buzz of cicadas in the night. There’s a foreboding that something is cooking along, and we’re unsure of what that is. Grab a piece of Amethyst for mediation and try to repair the intuition that seemed so broken before.


The difference between a metaphysical-grade mineral specimen and a decorative type? There might be no difference at all. In that vein, adding a piece something like amethyst “because it looks pretty” is a good enough reason. The good Scorpio knows the metaphysical properties and harnesses them but to the untrained eye? “It looked pretty, that’s why.”


The restorative powers embed in the Amethyst help propel Sagittarius through the Leo portion of the month and then, as the Mars then the Sun enter Virgo, the Sagittarius is better prepared for what unfolds. Jupiter starts to move forward from its stationary position on August 11, lending a spirited growth pattern to extant matters.


11 Signs don’t like Saturn. One sign gets along fine with the old taskmaster: Capricorn. As the planets swing around in their orbits, this warms up Saturn’s presence in Capricorn and paves the way towards a better second half of the month of August.


As the Sun moves through Leo, and with the concentration of Leo-like energies, culminating — for Aquarius with the Full Moon in Aquarius August 15th? There’s a strong suggestion of working more with others and being less concerned about the person well-being of ourselves, if only for about the first two-thirds of the month. Help them so they can help us.


Neptune has nearly made its way past the halfway point in Pisces, so that means we’re more than halfway done with the illusion and dream-like trance that imbues the Pisces spirit. Use the first half of the month to mediate — with clarity — about the next step in the Pisces process, and then, the second half of the month to start taking steps towards that goal.


There always comes a time when a moment of respite and relief, a time to pause and ask, “Is this the right direction for me?” Stop and pause with that idea. Maybe mediate on it for a minute of two. Pause. Stop. Ask, “Is this the correct path for my Aries self?” In doing so? The correct path s clear, and there’s only a minor adjustmet required, a tiny Areis course correction.


The month divides, nearly neatly, in half. First half is a Taurus Texas Two Step: two steps forward, two steps back, remaining, so it would seem, in a stationary position, Which, for Taurus, isn’t all bad. However, doing the dance in the first few weeks of August makes the second few weeks flow by with the promise of more forward motion, quicker, and easier. Shuffle then sail.


Between the New Moon in Leo and the Full Moon in Leo, there’s a window for wonderful Gemini Twins to untie the Gordian Knot of the last month’s energetic errata. Simply put, unraveled the knotted mistakes of the recent era.


Finding some kind of focal point helps provide much needed clarity, focus, and finally, direction for the gentle Moon Children. The recent discomfort doesn’t have to be carry forward into August and beyond as that New Moon issue point that allows release of tension for Cancer.


As always, it helps to read the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the Rising sign. If you don’t know what those are, Kramer Wetzel is available at Nature’s Treasure in Austin. See listing for details.


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