Horoscopic News for September 2019

by Kramer Wetzel of astrofish.net

September 2019

The Full Moon is September 13, and the New Moon is September 28. Venus and Mercury, Mercury and Venus, really, move into Libra on September 15. Mars is in Virgo all month and will — for the first weeks — “square” Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Sun moves into Libra on September 24.
As Austin Town marches forward towards its inevitable collision with ACL? There’s a sense of expectancy, glee, doom, and preparing.



Many years distant, there was an event called “Austin Aqua-Fest.” It was precursor to the current events, and Austin’s Aqua-Fest had something to do with the river, water sports, motorboat races on the lake, and carnival atmospheres. It was a simpler time. Austin’s population was less than a quarter of what it is now.
Carefully combining irreverence, outdoor party atmosphere, copious quantities of alcohol, and wrapping some events around the dates yielded up Aqua-Fest. While I’m totally unsure if there are any remnants of that event left, I still have a pin from one year, vague memories of motorcycles booming around the old auditorium, and girlfriends in skimpy bikinis.
So Austin has a long history of outdoor events that are almost a trademark unto themselves. While the historical antecedents may not be present any longer, the vestiges of that original event carries forward, hence ACL, &c.

September 2019

The current astrological energies, a broad, overview way? Actions taken now have long-lasting effects. While the actions might seem insignificant at the moment, at the time, the first couple of weeks of September are about getting ready for what’s coming. Can be good. Can be great. Can be quite epic — provided, and that’s always a clause with my suggestions — provided that the details get cleaned up before October arrives. Preferably before the Sun gets to Libra, September 24.
The slightly rolling tension between Mars and Jupiter stands in the way of feeling like there is any progress, alongside that feeling? There’s a subtle sense of frustration that pervades, as the tension leaks into every aspect. Still, look at those antecedents, and look at the previous results.
While the preparation seems to be almost pointless, getting ready now, now makes it easier as the end of the month approaches, and as Austin begins to fill with out-of-town “guests.”
The Sagittarius and especially Virgo flavor for the first couple of weeks, the source of some of the tension? Both signs are mutable, and that means every obstacle has at least three possible routes to surmount said obstacle. Suggestion? Try all three, see which one works best.

September 2019

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