Pursuant to the Horoscope?

Pursuant to the Horoscope?

Yes, last line of The Leo’s horoscope?

“Hey, Mercury is Retrograde, want to fish?”

Think that about sums it up. I tried to beg off on Thursday, citing work and “not really feeling it,” but I had picked that day for a reason, Sun and Moon would both be in the sky from sunup until maybe two in the afternoon. Supposed to be good.
kissy face
Year, two years back? I was listening to Shakespeare’s Henry 6, part 1 while driving down under the last of that’s night’s sky.

Is my life in a rut? I was driving down, under the orange glow of dawn, listening to Henry 6, part 1, read aloud, again.

While I wasn’t running late, I had left a little later than usual, that extra 15 minutes of deep sleep is always good. Couple of coffees, a breakfast bar, all good to go. I was standing behind the tiny hybrid, spraying on sun block at 8:25, on the water by 8:30, and in one spot to fish just a little after 9. First fish? 9:10 AM.

Couple of tricks for successful coastal fishing. Someone who knows the area. Croakers. SPF 50 sunscreen.

Don’t forget to pay attention to phase of the moon.

We limited out by noon, and were headed back shortly thereafter. Black drum, red drum, undersized red that fought like big fish, hardheads, trout, skipjack, and, of course, a couple of mighty reds that were much fun to catch.

“You realize we had a ‘fish on’ almost every five minutes?”

One of the tricks? Someone who knows the area.


The two other tricks? SPF 50 sunscreen. Live croakers worked really well, but that last big red was on a shrimp. Maybe bait isn’t always a big deal.

big red mrx 7:19

big red mrx 7:19

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