Mercury in Leo Retrograde

Mercury in Leo Retrograde

So Mercury is in Leo, and Mercury is Retrograde. Not like this snuck up. I got to diddling with a graphic banner, for use on the various pages, a nice image, so I thought, and I started to massage it some.

Up the colors, push the little graph bars sideways, make the various hues more radiant. Add a header with a URL in it, just the usual machinations with graphics. Then, since the original graphic was an image posted to the ubiquitous side-project I went digging for that file. Eventually, it popped up in all its glorious detail, probably from a phone, and not really a big deal, not now.

Mercury in Pisces Retrograde

The more I twiddled the image, spent the better part of the morning, first working on a smaller, back-up file, then spending time digging around to locate the original, which was relatively large, as it was a raw photo-image, then, after playing, toying, tweaking, I looked at the original image itself.

At this moment, all that work was for naught.

Went with the original, essentially un-retouched image for the banner. Cropped it a little, but even then, not too much. While Mercury is Retrograde? Was that a waste of time, half of a working day spent manipulating and massaging an image that I wound up reverting to the stock image itself?

Mercury is Retrograde.

So the simple answer to the question?


The more complex, and what should be obvious, I wouldn’t be able to use that stock image if I hadn’t spent a whole morning — probably should’ve proof-read the horoscopes closer — but if I hadn’t spent the morning meddling with the picture? I wouldn’t have understood that the original was best.

If only there was primer that included this kind of a message for dealing with Mercury in Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde – Kramer Wetzel

Portable Mercury Retrograde:’s Mercury in Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde

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