Emergent Patterns

Emergent Patterns

In the last couple of weeks, as I’ve sat in front of people and looked at astrology charts, correlating the real world — or what gets reported to me — and then observations of the charts themselves, I had a particular — peculiar — day at the rock shop in Austin.

The emergent patterns, at first I was excited then more curious. This was scattered across a number of characters in my purview, but the pattern itself? Venus-Sun-Mars. Or Mars-Sun-Venus. All depends, moving forwards, backwards, how one chooses to see that. I’ve always thought of it as a rolling conjunction, a little train of planets, although, technically, the Sun is a star, and while I would consider Venus an “inner planet,” as she resides between Earth and the Sun, and technically, Mars is an “outer planet” as he sits on the far side of us, in both instances, their behavior — and effects — as astrological symbols are typical of “inner planets.”

Pretty sure I’ve covered this before.

Emergent Patterns

The pattern though, three in a row, and that ties back to the current astrological milieu — the patterns now easily observable.

From person to person, the effects of the Mercury in Retrograde vary.

Portable Mercury Retrograde – Kramer Wetzel

As noted before, there’s a series of astrological events in the next month. Seeing the material float up as the “rolling conjunctions,” over and over — all in one day? This presages what the events will be about in the coming month.

As a generality, and personal annoyance with my job as a reader of charts, I’ll ask at the onset of a reading if there is any pressing questions.

Pregnant pause.

“I don’t know, maybe job? Money?”

Looking at those conjunctions, in the natal charts, though, there’s a hint at something deeper.

From a historical perspective, these different natal charts with similar signatures crossed — at least — three different generations. That was cool. The same inner planet array, though, brings up questions, and what this current series is about: relationships.

Romance, relationships, sex, and love. Sometimes, all the same, sometimes, very different. The problems and challenges, and all exacerbated by the current planetary disposition?

For most of us, this is what the current series is about. General terms, or even less general terms and more specific. The parade of people recently seem to hammer home this point.

Portable Mercury Retrograde – Kramer Wetzel

Portable Mercury Retrograde: astrofish.net’s Mercury in Retrograde

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