Comedy of Errors Mercurial Metaphor

Comedy of Errors Mercurial Metaphor

Yes, there was an obvious Comedy of Errors Mercurial Metaphor in the recent stage show. It was so good I had to see it twice.

The second was even better. From my vantage point, the right flank of the diminutive stage? Seemed like the foley effects were off. The first time, it was clearly an issue with the guy and his drum, and whatever else Vaudeville-like effects were used for the belabored soundtrack. Stage violence, as the various characters were beaten and pummeled? The first show I figured it was because the timing was off — first show in front of a live audience.

Not paying attention to the cues?

The second time, though, there was gentle and farcical, comical delay in the foley timing. A character (most frequently a Dromio) would be beaten, and the as the staged beating started, the sound effects were half a second, just about a whole beat, off.

Funny quip, character eye roll. Half a tick. Rim shot.

Breaking the fourth wall betwixt the actors and the audience? Eye contact, smirk, half a beat later? Rim shot.

Comedy of Errors Mercurial Metaphor

I’m an astrologer, this was purely a timing question, and Mercury is in Retrograde — the first, and most obvious, clue.

Revisiting the play after all the others? I think the timing was off, on purpose. Gives the audience a chance to catch up.

I’m not the director; I don’t know. Great show. Clearly lives up to its name: Very funny, urbane, witty, well-played, and well-staged at the Winedale Barn.

Most important? Impeccable comedic timing. Well-done!

Comedy of Errors Mercurial Metaphor

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