Predictions for Sister

Predictions for Sister

Last of April, first of May(2019) my sister lost her spouse to cancer, a fairly aggressive form of the disease. As a couple, then solo, my sister traced the disease and its progression on their private blog, then the aftermath, not devoid of my family’s humor. Apparently, we are related.

Then it comes, “Look at my chart, what will I be doing in the future?”

Predictions for Sister

With a BioChem degree — prestigious university, no less — and a background in drama plus performance? Layered with my genetic humor, dark sensibilities, and, well, everything else?

Hyperbole is never, ever in short supply. No lie.

True story.

“Yeah, right.”

Predictions for Sister

She asked for predictions, and what I figured, spinning the wheels and dials on her astrology chart?

There’s an art form as of yet, hitherto unexplored. To me, this merely looks like the combination of disparate elements that most “normal” people wouldn’t see together.

Not like this is any stretch for her, either. The hardcore sciences, although, at times, amusing, and I’ve used this before, doing family-style tech-support, “Think along the lines of the ‘scientific method,’ change one factor then test…” I would implore.

Her response?

“Biology is a ‘wet science,’ you know…”

No I did not know that. Really.

Think that should explain a lot. Wet Science , indeed.

Predictions for Sister

In a precessed solar return, there’s a singular, particular angle that suggests “precision,” as in, “this requires precise measurements and motions.”

While I don’t use Solar Returns much, I do tend to observe them as a method to indicate trends. A way to discern what the year is about, and I suggest this is about flavors, hues, and shadings rather than absolute facts.

My family: facts are highly mutable.

Whereas, in the past, we might have done with broad statements and large chunks of real estate covered with a single comment? This energy rewards precision. Finite, and precise movements.

Most art is messy, at best, but there is a kind of work that rewards controlled and steady hand at the tiller, directing the minutiae of each and every drop, pixel, even molecule. Maybe molecule is too small, but the idea conveys well.

Extremely precise. Attention to detail and my usual, “Date a Virgo.”

  • Hint: “Date a Virgo” is a euphemism, allegorical, not in real life.

So that’s part of the year ahead for Gemini.

Other pieces of this puzzle?

Predictions for Sister

There is a particular symbol from a certain tarot deck, and that’s a deck that I carry, mostly ceremoniously, for years and years. That set of symbols has the color-key reversed, and it speaks, to me, about a reversal of the status quo, seeing the mundane and the quotidian upended.

Roles reversed. Not coloring within the lines. Experimenting with the outer limits of certain boundaries. Or? Just applying a new schematic to an existing structure.

Just reversing and re-aligning the color key, that helps a lot.

This speaks to a way that the stars coalesce, form, and then re-form in a new structure. An outward symbol of inward shifts, if only by degrees. – Kramer Wetzel

Bare Foot Astrology (Volume 1)

Bare Foot Astrology

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  • Little Sister says:

    Loved your post and predictions !!! Hanging at the beach with my favorite Death Duellas!!! I love you

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