Port A Beach Sign

Port A Beach Sign

Comes a time when I get feeling a little low. Been almost two years since the hurricane ravaged Port A and Rockport. The coastal communities are slowly recovering but places like Avery’s are gone. I mean, there’s nothing left. It’s an empty spot.

Fishing was spotty, last time. Still, there’s a sense that the indomitable pioneer spirt lives on.

The Devil’s Elbow is inhabited by a strange mix. Characters drift downstream, buoyed and eddied along until they hit the shoreline, and short of growing gills, eventually take root — sun burnt, grizzled, perpetually sandy feet.

In some ways — my people.

Just when I thought the new and improved developments, the hurricane-proof modern monstrosities would lay waste to the already ravaged Third Coast?

City Limits sign. Last list item, lower right?

Port A Beach Sign

Port A Beach Sign

No ties.

Port A Beach Sign

Can’t even make this stuff up.

My people all right.



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