The Death Doulas

The Death Doulas

Knight of Disks

Knight of Disks

The loss of a long-term lover and spouse is a painful process. Grief is very personal, for me. Likewise, I suspected, for my sister.

But what I got roped into, what was supposed to be a short trip turned into pageantry and drama, and properly punctuated some kind of exuberance.

The Death Doulas

They spread love and light, laced with a layer of sheer insanity. Working women, California shaman, Bodhisattva, and a token straight white male (me). Sagittarius, Aries, a pair of Cancer, with the Leo, and some others sprinkled about, but that was about the core.

Makes for an amazing experience.

The passage from one state of being to another is both magical and mystical. My current belief is we come back, but my belief can change.

Please excuse inexactitudes, but I was directed by at least a half-dozen women.

I’m unsure who started the term, The Death Doulas, but rhythmically it matched, and then, working in variety of modalities — a lesser person would be unable to cope — the crew helped ease the living and made the most graceful exit for the deceased.

The Death Doulas kind of sounds like a metal band. Understanding the taxonomy of the word, makes it even better, all female metal band.

Their confluence belief systems, and the way the material all flowed together gently was what enhanced the experience.

Understand, too, that Sister had been dealing with this situation for over a year, and the last couple of months, then the last week, went from a slight daily decline to a precipitous spiral into a non-corporeal being.

“Time to circle the wagons,” the common term.

The team of friends leapt into action, and flowed in a way I’ve never seen a team work before. While a main emphasis seemed to be Tibetan/Buddhist, my own mum had her New English Revised.

I use the King James, but then, only as a point of reference.

There’s a copy of the text, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, sitting at home that I meant to throw in my bag, but in haste, forgot.

The Death Doulas

The variety of religious backgrounds and traditions, with a heavy emphasis on Neo-Pagan with leavening of flavor from Tibetan Buddhism was amazing.

There was great fear that this would rent my sister asunder, but thus far, the team has kept the whole train wreck afloat.

Linda’s final missive might be the best:

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