Back in the bad old days, think: Austin of old? I used to bang two rocks together to make binary web code?

Back in the bad, old days, I never crossed paths with Dr. Woo. Didn’t meet him until I encountered him in San Antonio. We moved in a number of the same circles, know the same people, and yet, nope, never crossed paths in old Austin.

Now, in San Antonio, he’s got a reputation as a bit of a mystery. To me, he’s simply a fine example of a Sagittarius with blah-blah-blah.

One of his “hobbies” is Reiki. He’s a grand master, double-charged, exalted one. Think: Grand Pooh-bah.

He and my sister attended the same university.

He’s not met her yet, but in her grieving process, he dosed her up with a clear shot of long-distance Reiki.

She started to giggle. She laughed, then sent him a long text — poor guy — 2 AM in Texas, about she was chatting with me, then laughing like a really good buzz.

  • Just got a text from your sister :

Omg can have what you are smoking? I feel totally stoned! You are awesome!! Thank you ! Kramer and I are sitting here chatting!

I got low friends in high places?

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