Gently Horrifying Vegans

Gently Horrifying Vegans

Two-Meat Tuesday was released in 2004? Blogs were new, unmannered outlets. Unstructured, and in my case, unfettered by conventional — conventions?

Two-Meat Tuesday

It was named for the Tuesday Special at Green Mesquite BBQ, from the previous years. Been a lot of miles since then but a recent experience was amazing — and I’ve tasted a lot of BBO since then. A lot.

Some of the same people—two Taurus—first blush—

Anyway, the test, litmus, acid, taste test? For real brisket BBQ? Bark. Thoughtfully, and no one knew it was for me, but thankfully, there was and end cut of brisket. Every bit as good as always. That choice end piece that is usually burnt, too crusty to be a food source. The bark that Saturday at Green Mesquite (Barton Springs)? Better than most. All those long years with a stunning example of perfect Texas BBQ right in my backyard. Literally. Trailer park, before they were cool.

All those long, intervening years. Places come and go. Gently resisting the changing tides of South Austin, clinging to the by-gone ways?

As the sign reads?

Gently Horrifying Vegans

I stepped back, and I’ve meant to write about this, a particular time, close to a quarter of a century distant? Used to be a bluegrass band, Sunday nights, under the oak trees, and one evening, under those trees.

I think that predates dating a Scorpio. Never a good option — for me. Moths, flames, the less said, the better.

That Sunday night, not realizing what was happening, nor how an experience can carry forward, a decade later, being a starting point for a book’s title, then, another decade and the place is still there, gently resisting change. Got to admire tenacity like that especially in the face of changing times. Near three decades, I believe.

“If it ain’t broke? Don’t fix it.”

The brisket, sausage, and smoked chicken were all delicious, and an artful sauce. Many years, still one of the sublime greats, in a small, unassuming building, just south of the river.

That’s old Austin at its finest, and as the sign reads?

Gently Horrifying Vegans

The kicker, though, the added bonus points? More than five years ago, I started what’s become a professional part-time residency at Nature’s Treasures, the ubiquitous Austin Rock Shop. When originally offered any time I wanted, I picked Tuesday, because of the title to the book about living in old Austin, and the idea it was generally the slowest retail day of the week.

By Tuesday, I was back from whatever weekend adventure I was on, and firmly rooted, so safe time. Traffic to and fro should’ve at its lightest, right?

Sample Ausitn the way it used to be, what made it great.

Gently Horrifying Vegans

Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel

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