Short Pants

Short Pants

In recents times, my sister and I have exchanged coffee lore, samples, and we do share an unbridled adoration for the java. Centered as she is, on the left coast, she seems to have greater access to third-gen roasters, the micro-brew of coffee.

This isn’t my first exposure to Acre Coffee in (North Bay, CA).

Still that heady aroma as I opened the little 12-oz package, the nickel bag of coffee? That is the most incredibly pungent and sweet-smelling coffee I know. I don’t get the “hints of hibiscus, with floral overtones,” and whatever else, but as a “short pants” blend, heralding the approach of Summer? Sure.

In between clients during a rather busy day at the rock shop in Austin, I did a quick “thank you” sketch, and texted her.

She was unsure of the symbolism.

Fire and Water, then Retrograde Mercury conjunct Neptune, in Pisces, with Jupiter and the Moon in Sag., and the Sun in Aries.

Shorthand record for my day at the store.

Short Pants

That coffee, opening the bag for the first time, or every time after that, I’m assaulted by the smell of the beans themselves, rich, pungent, potent, light-roast in color, deep in flavor. While I didn’t catch floral overtones, there was a kind of bright finish to the coffee itself, usually a single pour-over, one at a time, made with fresh ground beans.

I don’t get “Hibiscus, blueberry, and peach compote” out of the cup of coffee. To be sure, it stands far above the average shot of Starbucks espresso, but that’s not a high bar, not anymore.

When I was at the shop, yesterday, I was sipping out of a steel, thermos (like a Yeti) insulated mug. With the Acre Coffee, I could almost taste the steel as part of the coffee’s flavor. This is coffee that I have to drink from a porcelain mug, maybe not china, but but a solid 8-ounce cup. The coffee demands to be savored.

Good stuff, and I’m very grateful.

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  • Left-leaning Sister says:

    You are soooo sweet. Short pants! Yay! I’m soooooo glad you like it. Happy spring!

    Coffee, because therapy is expensive. Love you bro! – leettle sister….

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