Quotes and Quotidian

Quotes and Quotidian

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Some years back, I collated a collection of quotes that I carried around since college days. Maybe even before that.

An example? Mark Twain, on telling the truth.

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake

At first, it was in an Excel spreadsheet, as a database. Eventually, I taught myself certain basics of building databases by putting all in a single spot, another early database.

Over the years, I’ve added content, found more material, and watched as the set of quotes grew. The name, “Quotidian,” is a play on words, between the term used from the Elizabethan era, a commonplace book, and quotes.

Mark Twain’s novella, Pud’nhead Wilson is usually published with some other novella, and the book itself wasn’t too remarkable, or I didn’t appreciate its message. But throughout the book, there are headings that are derived from the main character’s calendar, pithy, little quotes, and observations about life.

I had already read the book for a college class, nonplussed with that, but the aphorisms, I can still recall where I was living when I transcribed them, all, faithfully, or as faithfully as I could.

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake

While only the tinest portion of text, the quotes from Mark Twain, the calendar quotes from Pud’nhead Wilson are clearly marked. Sourced? Free-range, organic, humanely-harvested, ergonomic.

It was the calendar quotes themselves that came up, as, over time, those deserve a better placement.

As an afterthought, I really should collate all the Shakespeare quotes I’ve used through the years, as that would be interesting collection, see what tales it could tell.

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake astrofish.net

A Commonplace Book (full text PDF & cut quotes PDF)


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