Palliative Care Astrology

Palliative Care Astrology

Stumbled across the term, “Palliative (something)” and while I was sure I understood the correct definition, I stopped long enough to tap on the word to look it up.

Yeah, that’s what I thought it meant.

In terms of a lot of my work, though, that’s an exact definition, Palliative Care Astrology.

When Mercury is retrograde, like it’s been? There’s a certain kind of flavor that starts to emerge.

One person, astrologically aware, pointed out that this Mercurial Retrograde period seemed to be all about gadgets. Dead batteries, batteries draining too quickly, electrical items not charging, other items not retaining a charge.

“Works better if it’s plugged in.”

  • (Oh please, shut up.)

That’s certainly one interpretation.

In the same breath, same day, different sign, “Yeah, I haven’t had any problems with electrics.”

How about people?

“Oh, so much trouble. People are so stupid right now!”

Varies from individual to individual, and that’s where my own brand of Palliative Care Astrology starts to make more sense. Certainly more than an astrological band-aid, but less than a real emergency — to me — the scenarios vary, but the players and culprit remain the same.

Palliative Care Astrology

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