Fiercely Independent

Fiercely Independent

As the proprietor, webmaster, editor, and bookkeeper here — ASTROFISH.NET — this site and its associated properties, most notably, the horoscopes themselves, I’d like to think I’m an independent. There’s precious little advertising, that being a black of hole of abysmal despair.

Small favor to ask: consider joining as a paying member to help defray the cost of running a site like this, not to mention the intensive labor of love that goes into the work to create the horoscopes themselves.

“A lot of work goes into making this look easy.”

Not that I’m above selling out, just no one ever made a generous enough offer. Or any offer, really.

So consider a membership.

This site is totally reader-supported. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

So consider support in some fashion.

Fiercely Independent

As a totally independent web-property, a site, this is one of the longest continuously running weekly astrology columns, with archives that reach back as far as the late 80’s. As it was then, and as it now, it is not at the behest of any government, or non-governing agency. It’s all Fiercely Independent.

As noted before, though, by independent, there’s the problem with keeping the lights on, paying the electric bill, and keeping the server’s disks spinning.

“It’s all in the cloud.”

While every effort is made to trim costs, in these uncertain time, a little astrological guidance is useful. How much is worth? Some days, not so much, but then, there are days and weeks, even months, when this site serves as a lifesaver.

Fiercely Independent

Must admit, I deeply care about how my digital products are made and shared. I tend to use free-range, all-organic, cruelty-free, Made-in-the-US, ergonomic, cage-free, not-tested-on-animals-or-Scorpio products. I’ve partnered with nothing but local providers with the highest of ethical standards to insure that delivery is in keeping with these standards.

OK, so the bit about the domain name register is amusing, as it’s a Canadian company, located in — I don’t know, someplace on the other side of Oklahoma. That’s where Canada is — someplace north of Oklahoma.

Fiercely Independent

Without your support, there will be nothing but anarchy and bad astrological memes throughout the land.

Without eternal vigilance, it could happen here.

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